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SEO Rocket Bar

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SEO is critical to your website, your business and your life especially if you’re hoping to make a splash online. Traditionally, improving SEO is expensive and time consuming, often requiring costly experts who deliver little on their promise. And lets face it. The technical world of folks is sometimes not the most easy to deal with. You have all had experiences calling in Tech Support or having to hire some sort of tech person to help you.

The Six Spheres of Website Optimization

It may be true — perhaps no one knows the exact formula that Google uses (other than Google lol), there are a few critical components or ‘spheres’ of SEO that provide the best chance of successful optimization. These six spheres, when used together, are the best defense against the ever-changing Google algorithms, offering maximum SEO success. Try to say that 6 times fast!

We have written a small blog series about these 6 Spheres – if you are interested in a more elaborate explanation, CLICK HERE to start the series! Bookmark the page, share it with your downline, share it with anyone that could use some help in the marketing world and their website just is not getting enough traffic.
This will help! Not only is this great for traditional businesses, offline and online, this is also a great tool for the growing Internet Marketing world of business opportunities!

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You’ll receive daily analytics to track exactly how many views are being driven to your site. We will also have a google analytics training to show you HOW to use the data you are collecting to your advantage. We will show you WHAT is working, how to elaborate on that and stop wasting time and effort on business practices and other SEO plugins that flat out do not work.

We are so confident in our product, we are offering this one week RISK FREE trial! If you are not happy with seeing a tremendous amount MORE traffic on your blog, your business website, your internet marketing capture page, you can exercise your rights to refund. But we really don’t think that will happen!